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What is Endometrial Cancer?

If you are a newly diagnosed patient, first, know that you are not alone and you are in the right place! Endometrial cancer may sound daunting, and if you are recently diagnosed or going through your first year of diagnosis, surgery, and treatment,

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Sugar and Cancer: No Restrictions?

Sugar and cancer have been shown to be related on several occasions. Many New York Times best-selling authors and integrative medical practitioners advised their readers and/or patients to stay away from white sugar completely because of this relation. Some studies have been quoted

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Slow Down & See the Miracles

It was a Thursday. I was lying down, reading, resting, and recovering from a polyp removal 3 days earlier. My surgeon called, and because I’m a natural optimist, I saw the words Cleveland Clinic on the phone and remember thinking, “She’s calling to

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